Nessebar and the Region

  The ancient city with a rich history is a romantic rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The peninsula is 850 meters long and 300 meters wide. Here you have preserved valuable monuments from all periods of its millennial existence: old walls from the Roman period and the Middle Ages, Byzantine and Old churches, ancient houses from the XVIII and XIX century. The greatest wealth of the city are many churches from the early Byzantine period, two basilica - "Hagia Sophia" / old metropolis / - one of the most impressive buildings in the town of Nessebar and the Basilica of the north coast "Eleusa" from V - VI century. The building has several times been destroyed and then rebuilt. It is also known by the name "Mary Eleusa" because it opened icon of the Mother of God. To X - XI century belong churches "St. John the Baptist", featuring its cylinder dome and "St. Stephen" is remarkable for its frescoes from the XVI century with high artistic value. Nessebar churches flourished with the advent of the picturesque style, expressed in rich colorful design of facades. This style can be seen in the churches of the XIII - XIV century "Saint Todor," "St. Paraskeva", "Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel" church "Christ Pantocrator". It is a real treasure for Nessebar. The building is located in the city center and is relatively the best preserved of its kind in Bulgaria. It is characterized by great wealth of architectural forms and abundance of harmonious set horizontal and vertical patterns. "St. John Aliturgetos" / Undedicated / today remains an invaluable monument of Bulgarian culture. This church was never sanctify and therefore not used for worship. Nessebar is a historical treasure trove of Bulgaria and in 1956 it was declared a "museum city - archaeological and architectural reserve". Because of its unique historical color in 1983, the city is listed as a World Heritage Site.

  Today the old part of the city is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets that offer handmade souvenirs - craft, knitting, jewelry. Against the backdrop of the beautiful antique atmosphere gives an opportunity for recreation. Based rest is concentrated in family hotels and private lodgings equipped comfortable and multifunctional.